Emilie Rosin-

Your actual friends never ask for fruits or bugs, which already makes them less interesting.

Your friends never ask you for favors and then act surprised when you bring them what they wanted. What do you mean you didn’t conveniently forget that I was bringing you fish?

When Chelsea falls asleep, she doesn’t blame you, unlike Cherry does (which is bold and I admire her for it).

Your friends never call you a fan when you bring them something.

You friends actually come over WITHOUT requesting specific furniture. Everyone should demand to have corral fencing before entering someone else’s home.

Your actual friends never level up your friendship based on how much stuff you bring them, which is dumb of them.

Your real life friends never ask for 2 more conch shells directly after you just brought them 3.

Your friends never compliment your custom camper van that you spent 10,000 bells on.

Your friends never invite you to serenade some of the bugs you’ve just given them.

Your friends don’t give you as great advice as Rosie does. No one can top her.