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The Scopes

Cam Parrucci-   Aquarius – Do you actually think pineapple belongs on pizza? Like actually? Huh, okay. Pisces – Whether it’s frozen or delivered, baked or grilled, pizza is still pizza. Think about that, it’s […]


Adventure Seekers Wanted

Katie Schulzetenberg- There is a group that offers action-packed trips and resources for students and community members interested in outdoor activities right here on the University of Wisconsin–Stout’s campus. Unknown to many, the outdoor program […]


This Time in History: April

In April of 1967, UW-Stout approved three new majors, one graduate and two undergraduate programs. The graduate program was M.S. Vocational Rehabilitation and the undergraduates were B.S. Applied Mathematics and B.S. Distributive Education. Vocational Rehabilitation […]