The Stoutonia is written, edited, designed and produced by students of the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and they are solely responsible for its editorial policy and content.

The Stoutonia is a multimedia news source for the UW-Stout campus published weekly online through our website, powered by WordPress.

The featured print magazine is released twice a semester and produced entirely on campus in tandem with the graphic communications department.

Meet The Ed Board

Editor-in-chief – Bryce Parr

“I’ve earned a black belt in Karate.”

Production Manager – Isabel Roberts

“People never believe I listen to rap music until they drive with me.”

Chief Copy Editor – Mark Delk

“I can’t snap my fingers with my left hand.”

Digital Imaging Editor – Rose Barker

“I’m directly related to the guy who rescued the bear cub who inspired smokey the bear.”

Marketing Manager – Dayne Londre

“My guilty pleasure is watching good (bad) Nicolas Cage films.”

News Editor – Ryan Mezera

“My pet snake died when I was in 4th grade and I kept it in my freezer for over a year.”

Campus Editor – Elizabeth Vierkant

“When I was three years old I fell backward on a chair, cut my chin open with a potato chip, and ended up needing stitches.”

Entertainment Editor – Brody Pierce

“I write most of my creative writing under a pen name.”

Sports Editor – Evan Thue

“I once ate 4 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in two days”