The Staff

About Us

Our staff comprises of UW-Stout students who love what they do. We are writers, editors, photographers, layout designers, illustrators and online pros.

The Stoutonia Editorial Board is a tight-knit group, obsessed with creating the best newspaper we can. We like to add humor to everything we do, and we know how to multitask like a boss. We attend every event, for better or for worse, and we keep tabs on some of the more outrageous fiascos that occur on our campus.

Below is the 2016/2017 crew.

Name: Shannon Hoyt
Position: Editor-In-Chief
Hometown: Baldwin, WI
Major: Professional Communication and Emerging Media (PCEM)
Favorite Meme: 


Name: Abby Kuisle

Position: Online Manager

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Major: PCEM

Favorite Meme:

Name: Emilie Rosin

Position: Online Editor

Major: PCEM

Hometown: Gordon, WI

Favorite Meme:

Name: Jared Emery
Position: Marketing Manager
Hometown: Siren, Wi
Major: Business Administration
Favorite Meme: 

Name: Logan Myhre
Position: Sports Editor
Hometown: Necedah, Wi
Major: PCEM
Favorite Meme:

Name: Mary Peters
Position: Campus Editor
Hometown: Corcoran, Minnesota
Major: Business Administration
Favorite Meme:

Name: Kailyn Backus
Position: Advertising Manager
Hometown: Owen, WI
Major: Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management
Favorite Meme:

Name: Maggie Clarke
Position: Chief Copy Editor
Hometown: Sheboygan, WI
Major: Game Design and Development
Favorite Meme:

Name: Maureen
Position: Digital Imaging Editor
Hometown: Sussex, WI
Major: Entertainment Design: Comics and Sequential Arts
Favorite Meme: