The Gentlemen is the new Guy Ritchie film about American expat Mickey Pearson (played by Matthew McConaughey) who has built his successful marijuana empire in London. He decides to retire and sell it to fellow weed dealer Matthew (played by Jeremy Strong), but the deal gets complicated when Chinese gangster Dry Eye (played by Henry Golding) wants to take over Mickey’s empire. From there, the dominos starts to fall and makes Mickey’s business deal more complicated with one of his weed farms being robbed and a nosy reporter named Fletcher (played by Hugh Grant) secretly following and documenting his movements for a news story. Mickey and his right-hand man Ray (played by Charlie Hunnam) must work fast to figure out who is the cause of these complications before someone takes care of them permanently. 

The Gentlemen is a well written thrilling crime comedy full of great star-studded performances. The dialogue is catchy, humorous, and develops the characters. All the performances are fantastic and create memorable characters that make the film humorous and thrilling. The film is interesting with each piece of the story being revealed out of order, which comes together at the end leading to a stunning conclusion. While the film has similar styles and dialogue to other films, it still stands out as its own creation from the characters, the humor, and the world they live in. The Gentlemen is one of the most entertaining films of the year and is definitely one to check out.

The Gentlemen gets 10/10 stars.