Prohibition: Take 2

William Shade

With the return of students to the new semester, new laws come with it. Regulations have been placed in response to the extensive use of e-cigarettes and tobacco products by the younger generation across the country. Now, due to a bill recently signed by the president, the legal age to buy tobacco has been changed from 18 to 21. Students find their cravings and addiction now unable to be quenched with the new law in place restricting their access. “I just want a smoke, man!” says Bobby Regal, who adds that he uses the practice to calm his nerves and “look cool for the chicks.”

In response to the new law, one student has started an operation straight out of the 1920s as a way to “get the product to the people.” They operate under the rebel alias, Arnold Rothstein, a throwback to a man known for his gangster operation during the Prohibition Era. 

“You know, it’s easy these days,” says Rothstein. “JUUL pods alone are easy enough to smuggle around. Easy to slip into the pockets of our buyers and no one is none the wiser.” 

Rothstein has been a student of Stout for 5 years. Attending for his degree in Marketing minoring in shady dealings.

 He commented, “What America’s doin’ right now, is too far for my liking. If they were gonna change the age for this stuff why not just make it even across the board. 18 years of age and the world’s your oysta! That’s what I have to say.” When asked about the operation and where his supply was coming from, Rothstein opted out of the rest of the interview, simply saying, “Where there is demand, we will supply” as he walked out of the Raw Deal Coffee Shop.

Authorities are still trying to come up with a plan of action in order to regulate and take down those using and distributing tobacco products to minors, but nothing has been said on the record.