Raw Deal showcases marriage of art and technology

Daniel Degallier, owner of T-16 Aerials in Menomonie, demonstrated his drone on September 18, 2015. Staff Photo by Dan Reiland
Daniel Degallier, owner of T-16 Aerials in Menomonie, demonstrated his drone on September 18, 2015.
Staff Photo by Dan Reiland

By Shannon Hoyt —

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. Wait, it’s a drone! New advances in technology have expanded the boundaries of aerial photography, giving a new perspective to how artists perceive the world around them.


The Raw Deal presents, “A New Perspective,” a collection of photographs by Daniel Degallier, a University of Wisconsin–Stout senior studying Business Administration. Degallier represents his work through a bird’s-eye view, using advances in drone technology.


Degallier’s experience with drones is nothing new. However, his presentation for the Raw Deal is a recent and exciting change, contrasting from his past public demonstrations for UW–Stout and local businesses.


“I haven’t done any gallery showings like [the Raw Deal event],” said Degallier. “I am just interested to see how it goes, because I have never done something like this before.”


Founding his drone business, T-16 Aerials, in April of last year, Degallier hopes to display his work in order to inspire others to go above and beyond usual perspectives. Although he is not graduating with a degree in the fine arts, he continues to pursue his passion with aerial photography.  


“I used to be in industrial design and I was always looking forward to the senior show,” said Degallier. “I am in business now and so I thought, why not do my own senior show anyway?”


Through Degallier’s ideas, the Raw Deal is also trying something new.


“We have had photography shows before, and they have been great,” said Raw Deal Events Coordinator, Amber Georgakopoulos. “But the idea of the drone images, they will be different than anything that was hung [in the Raw Deal] and I think they are not just visually different, but they’re conceptually different. A lot of times photography captures an image that you can see on your own. None of us are zipping around at drone level.”


The Raw Deal is a place where new collaborations form, discoveries are made and talents are unveiled. With a new perspective, Daniel Degallier introduces a higher level of photography, reaching heights that only technology can achieve.


The opening for the event will be Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. and will be on exhibit until the end of November. The event welcomes all ages.

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