UW–Stout Professor Releases Instrumental CD

Amy Popp

The University of Wisconsin–Stout’s director of instrumental music and professor recently debuted an instrumental CD. Direcor Aaron M. Durst recorded with David Kile, a former enlisted Marine Corps percussionist. The duo released their self-titled CD, Duo Eigentone, on Feb. 13. 

According to Durst, he wanted to undergo the creation of this CD for three to four years prior to the release date. An opportunity showed itself when David Kile moved back to the Menomonie area. The two spent the next couple of years deciding what pieces of prerecorded music were in their capabilities to perform. 

As stated by Durst, once he and Kile had pieces they liked, the duo would perform them live to both prepare themselves and work out any issues. The two would spend at least once a week rehearsing the music to fine tune their performance.  

“My practice routine always focuses on fundamentals because those are the basics,” Durst said.

According to Durst, since this was their first time recording, he and Kile wanted to find a local studio. After doing research and talking to musicians in the area, Durst found Pine Hollow, which is located in Eau Claire. 

When recording, Durst mentioned that being in a separate room from Kile required a different approach. There were visual cues such as foot movement or a breath taken that the other person couldn’t see.

The solution that Durst came up with was to create a spoken click track. This means that Durst would count the tempo out loud so he and Kile had a consistent reference point. According to Durst, having this reference made the recording process easier for both.

Durst gave some advice for others who are interested in doing the recording process for themselves. “Don’t be intimidated by the process. Just talk to people, and the technology is accessible enough,” he said. “Make sure you’re comfortable as a musician before you go into the studio. Don’t try to work things out in the studio itself, it’s too late at the point.”  

Durst is planning to add what he learned throughout this recording process to his teaching at UW–Stout. 

“There is a basic musicianship. Seeing music, interpreting music, trying to give it some sort of life beyond what’s just on the page,” he said.