Emilie Rosin-

1.Prioritize your assignments and activities.

If you prefer to write things by hand, definitely use an actual planner or notebook. Otherwise, there are free online ones! Once you figure out everything you have to do, it’s easier to relax and get motivated to finish some work.

2. Have a screen-free night.

No computer, phone, or Netflix (well, maybe a little Netflix). Instead, read a book or play a board game with your friends or reorganize your room.

3. Enjoy the little things.

Get a coffee while studying for that test. Light a candle to finish up that assignment due tonight.

4. Find a less stressed friend to give you pep talks.

5. Treat Yo Self.

Candles, face masks, food, the whole nine yards.

6. Watch your favorite comedy.

7. Get yourself a coloring book.

It’s nice to focus on something fun and simple and give your brain a chance to take it easy. On the plus side, you’ll look like a master artist if you color in a coloring book meant for small children.

8. Do a little baking.

Supplies are usually pretty cheap (or you can totally buy pre-packaged supplies) and then you get to eat the outcome.

9. Take a nap.

You deserve it!

10. Keep hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water can help keep your body and mind active.

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