Megan Hazuga-

The first 100 days of a presidency are crucial in determining how said presidency will turn out. For our current President, Donald Trump, this idea is no different. The Trump administration had a multitude of plans for their first 100 days, which included passing as many executive orders as possible. The Trump Administration referred to this as a “shock and awe” tactic. So far, the United States population has seen more of the “shock” than the “awe.”


Trump’s most recent presidential development has been the defeat of his Health Care reform, one of the most crucial aspects of his campaign platform. Trump had assured voters that he would be getting rid of the “imploding” ObamaCare. Even though Trump was overtly confident in his votes to repeal ObamaCare, that simply did not happen. The bill was pulled Friday, March 24, and announced by Paul Ryan on Saturday night.


“I will not sugarcoat it, this is a disappointing day for us,” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said to the press after the defeat. “Doing big things is hard. For all of us. We will need time to reflect on how we got to this moment, and how we could do it better,” he said.


Many were surprised to find Trump not in a fit of rage, but rather sullen and reflective. “I think we have to let ObamaCare go its way for a little while,” Trump said after the decision to pull the bill was made. “I’d love to see it do well, but it can’t.”


Democrats have a newfound reason to celebrate, with democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi stating, “Frankly, I thought they might actually accomplish something in the first couple of months,” she said in response to the bill being pulled. “I think their mistake really was [that] they were so focused on embarrassing the Affordable Care Act, rather than trying to improve it.”


The Trump administration has announced that their next step is to focus on tax reform, and to leave health care be for now. As Paul Ryan said, “ObamaCare is the law of the land, and it is going to remain the law of the land until it is replaced.”