Hannah Lundquist-

As we near the end of the semester, there will be some big changes happening around campus. To name a few: the housing reorganization, budget changes and the retirement of some staff and faculty. Among those retiring is Scott Griesbach.

Griesbach has been with University of Wisconsin–Stout since 1999 and has personally overseen many huge changes that the campus has gone through, including a few other housing reorganizations during his time as Housing Director and the planning and building of Red Cedar Hall.

Griesbach works as the Executive Director of Student Life Services. He began the job in 2012 after serving as the housing director for Stout. He oversees many people and departments that are a part of Student Life Services.

Griesbach grew up in Appleton, Wis. and spent a good part of his childhood working at his father’s grocery store stocking shelves and working the cash register. He has two older sisters who also worked in the store growing up.

Griesbach had many roles before he came to Stout. He attended University of Wisconsin–Fox Valley, where he received an associate degree before going to University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh. There he got involved in housing and residence life programs and graduated with his bachelors in business administration.

He then went on to graduate school at Northeast Missouri State University, which is now called Truman State University. He worked in housing while he was a grad student. From there he went to the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, where he worked as a hall director.

He then moved back to Missouri where he worked as the director of housing in a small private school. He then went to University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, and he worked there for twelve years before making his way to Stout.

Griesbach named several key people in his life and career who have helped him along the way. He specifically noted Sandi Scott-Deux, Dean of Students, and Phil Lyons, Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Student life services. He says that he has had a relationship with them throughout the years and they work very well together.

There have been several projects during Griesbach’s time at Stout that he has been proud of, including planning and building Red Cedar Hall, the introduction of the Stout LGBTQIA+ community and starting Stout Proud.

A few things that people might be surprised to know about Griesbach: “I am a complete foodie and I do a lot of cooking and I eat in lot of restaurants and I just would have loved to be a chef if the hours were not so bad.” He also says that he loves to listen to podcasts. One of his favorites is an NPR podcast called “How I Built This.”
His plans after retirement are to relax and enjoy the summer. Griesbach also plans to reacquaint himself with all the things the Twin Cities have to offer, especially biking, traveling and walking to as many restaurants around his home as possible.