By Alyssa Rupp —

The results are in! University of Wisconsin–Stout’s Student Association (SSA) held their election from March 31 to  April 1 for the 46th congress.  The new members are as follows:

President, Eric Huse; Vice-President, Jerome Green; Director of Organizational Affairs, Alex Vernon; Director of Communications, Samantha Hanson; Senator of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Anthony Hoffman; Senator of the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, Heidi Lochen, Senator of the College of Management, Alex Vernon; Senator of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, ten-way tie; Senator for Graduate Studies, Angie Oaks; Senators of Student Life Services, Lucas Morgan, and a 13-way tie for second and third; Senators for Student Affairs, Lydia Meyer, Lucas Morgan, and a five-way tie for third; Senators of Fiscal Management, James Robertson and Emmanuel Seyoum; Senator of Physical Development, five-way tie; Senator of First Year Experience, two-way tie; Senator of Technology, Brice Blankenship; Senators at Large, Dane Neville, Lucas Morgan, Jared Allen, and a 13-way tie for fourth.

Esuvat Mollel, now former vice president of the SSA, says the group collectively works to take care of campus concerns and make it a priority for everyone’s opinion to be part of their decisions.

“SSA is a collection of students who work in conjunction with administration and other campus officials to ensure that student voice is considered when it comes to university policy and regulations.” Other members of SSA include directors and senators that contribute to the decision making process. “We also have a director that focuses on diversity and sustainability initiatives.”

SSA’s most recent event was the debate over Gov. Walker’s budget cuts for the UW System. Members of SSA and students were encouraged to speak at one of a few rallies the group hosted around Wisconsin, with the latest one being in Madison on April 2. SSA has focused on several other events this year as well. “The housing fair and voter registration are some of the events we host, but we’re also in charge of student organizations and organization renewal, as well as the budgets for those,” Mollel explains.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of The Stout Student Association, you can apply on OrgSync to be a member of the 46th Congress, or email for more information.

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