By Lindsey Rothering —

Make toilet paper look fancy

Next time you’re using the bathroom at a party, leave the next person bewildered by your fancy toilet paper skills. Learn how to properly pleat and fold toilet paper like the world’s best hotel staff. Google “toilet paper origami” and get folding!

Draw the outlines of all 48 contiguous states

Not exactly something you would want to put on your résumé, but it may win you a beer in a bar bet if you can do it in under 2 minutes. That’s what happened to Al Franken anyway, or so he told David Letterman back in the 1980s. Check YouTube for how-to videos, but practice is your best friend with this one.

Make edible pancake art

Whip up some pancake batter, grab an old empty ketchup bottle, and turn on that griddle! Turning pancake batter into fun animal shapes isn’t just for bored dads anymore—in fact, it’s probably the most delicious way to impress someone even after they see you making them breakfast! Just make sure you draw the image backwards, because it will be mirrored correctly after the pancake is flipped. The good news is your art will still be delicious even when your dinosaur pancake looks more like a diseased bird than a tyrannosaurus rex.

Find the best angles for food photography

Now that you’ve made the cutest little pancake critters, learn how to properly photo them for maximum Instagram likes. Tips for this should be easy to find, as even the Wall Street Journal has covered it. All you really need is some natural light and knowledge of what angles work best. Those pizza rolls don’t look so low-brow now, do they?

Become a fast clapper

You read correctly. Turns out there is a Guinness Book record for “Fastest Clapper.” Since there’s no obvious benefit to being able to applaud faster than the person next to you, this has made our list, and our bellies ache from laughter trying to follow along with the record holder’s “how to” video on YouTube.

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