Emilie Rosin

1.Innovative Digital Marketing Association

What: “The goal of the Innovative Digital Marketing Association is to offer a space for students with a passion for social media, marketing, internet technology to come together to collaborate.”

When: Wednesday at 6PM

Where: Communication Technology, Room 236

2. Blue Devil Lifting

What: The mission of our organization is simply to enjoy fitness with friends and help each other progress with our goals.

When: Wednesday at 7:30PM

Where: Badger Room (Lower Level MSC)


3. Clay Target Shooting

What: The goal of our organization is to offer an opportunity for students to participate in clay target sports, whether that is trap, skeet, or sporting clays.

When: Monday at 6:30 PM

Where: Lot 29


4. Flow Arts Club


What: “Our mission is to promote flow arts as a positive hobby and passion.”

When: Wednesday at 7PM

Where: MSC


5. College Republicans

What: “[Our mission is] to be a conservative voice on campus and to spread conservative principles across the student body.”

When: Wednesday at 7:30PM

Where: TBD


6. Students Today Leaders Forever

What: “The main goal of STLF is to get students engaged in serving the community and building strong relationships while having fun.”

When: Thursday at 7PM

Where: Harvey Hall, Room 270


7. Information Security Professionals

What: The mission of our organization is to provide an environment where members can prepare for a career in information security as they work on projects and hands on activities to learn more about the field.

When: Friday at 1:30PM

Where: Jarvis Hall, Room 343


8. Blue Devil Smash

What: “The goal of BDS is to provide tournaments for Super Smash Bros, and also creating a community of players that can work together to get better at the game.”

When: Saturday at 4:00PM

Where: HKMC Milnes, Room 68

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