Shannon Hoyt-


It’s not just grandma’s attic. In fact, it’s thrift stores, estate sales, auctions, junkyards and local connections that have made their mark on Kaleidoscope, a newly established furniture store right on our very own Main Street in Menomonie.


Jessica Goodpaster, a local student studying interior design, and partner Brittany Rudau, also sharing an interest in refurbishing, have set out to expand.


Goodpaster and Rudau started their business out of a small garage, which was once known as “Lady Junk.” The business began as a collection of repurposed and refurbished furniture, and has grown into an abstract collection of unique designs and collectables.


Thus the name ‘Kaleidoscope’ seemed rather appropriate in relation to Goodpaster’s and Rudau’s different, desired styles.


“The variety of pieces and the customer basis we try and reach for is unique for us,” said Goodpaster.


Remember, it is not just grandma’s attic. The variation seen within the four walls can adapt to and catch any local eye. However, store traffic and locating to Main Street wasn’t Kaleidoscope’s top priorities.


“We wanted to be [affordable], specifically for Stout students,” said Rudau.


With the 2016-17 academic year bringing in thousands of students, cost is everything.


Not only is the storefront offering consignment options, vamping the already diverse space, but Goodpaster and Rudau are always searching for the next project. Yes, that means you can take that free, dull and drab dresser sitting outside the fraternity. It has potential. That’s all Kaleidoscope needs.


With its wide range of commodities pulled from our own locality, Kaleidoscope is a place to see something that you wouldn’t normally see.
Students can receive 20% off their purchase with a student ID on Thursdays .