Sam Kilgard-

As the temperature continues to drop, there is something coming soon in December that may just warm you up. Every semester, the University of WisconsinStout Symphonic Singers and Chamber Choir perform a concert for the community. This year’s concert is titled “A Sound Experiment.”

“Many of the songs people will be hearing are very different. Though they are beautiful, they are not usual songs people listen to,” said senior, James Schroder, a member of the Chamber Choir.

“We’ve been rehearsing for months and have been working very hard to ensure that the concert goes well,” said senior, Rebecca Olson, a member of Symphonic Singers. “We get together with our music director Jerry Hui twice a week and work on our pieces.”

Olson mentions that Director Hui has ensured his students have a firm grasp on each piece of music, making the experience of the Chamber Choir and Symphonic Singers all the better.

One of the highlighted songs from the upcoming concert is a click song from the South African Xhosa tribe. “I’m very excited for people to hear this song because we have been working very hard to perfect it and make it as smooth as possible, and it has not been easy,” offered Schroder. He explains that the click song is challenging is because, “true to its title, has clicking in the song. The click itself has been very hard to master, but with rehearsal and time we have put together a fantastic piece.”

The second highlighted song is a South African praise song titled “Gabi Gabi” that the Symphonic Singers will sing. “I can’t wait to perform this piece because it is very uplifting and incorporates a small amount of choreography, which adds to the song and keeps people’s attention,” Olson said.

You can catch A Sound Experiment Dec. 9 at 7 p.m. at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Tickets are $5.