1907- Men’s Basketball was formed

1909- Men’s Baseball was formed

1911- Men’s Football was formed

1959- Men’s Golf was formed

1965/66- Men’s Swim and Dive was formed

1967- Women’s Gymnastics was formed

1968-Men’s Ice Hockey was formed

      Women’s Volleyball was formed

1969- Men’s Indoor Track was formed

1971-Women’s Basketball was formed

      Women’s Swim and Dive was formed

1973- Women’s Indoor and Outdoor Track was formed

1976- Women’s Tennis was formed

1979- Women’s Cross Country was formed

1980/81- Stout became dual affiliated with the NAIA and the NCAA Division III

1982- Men’s Ice Hockey was discontinued

1984- Men’s Gymnastics was discontinued

1991- Men’s Golf was discontinued

       Stout ended its affiliation with the NAIA and became only affiliated with the NCAA Division III

1992- Women’s Softball was formed

       Men and Women’s Swim and Dive was discontinued

1994- Men’s Tennis was discontinued

1995- Women’s Soccer was formed

1996- Men’s Ice Hockey was reformed

1997- Men’s Wrestling was discontinued

2006- Men’s Golf was reformed

       Women’s Golf was formed

Information not on timeline: Formation of Men’s gymnastics, wrestling or tennis