Murray ChristmasBy Barbara Young —

Do you remember the good old days when Christmas specials gave hours of entertainment as you got to see a compilation of singers perform their Christmas songs all centered around a loose plot line? No? Neither do I, but that is what the Bill Murray Christmas special, “A Very Murray Christmas” tries to accomplish.

The short, hour long film stars guests such as Michael Cera, Chris Rock, George Clooney, Amy Poehler and Miley Cyrus as they work together to create a Christmas special during a snow storm that has shut down New York City.

The plot of this movie is very light. It’s not meant to be a movie that evokes great emotion, but instead a light comedic set-up for song after Christmas song.

The movie is great background noise, but that’s about it. It’s comedic enough to keep it bearable to watch between songs, but it’s not rolling on the floor or even laugh out loud funny. It’s merely amusing.

The songs were also mild in listenability and originality. I’d never heard Bill Murray in anything musical before so it was nice to see him in a new platform, but I think it was mostly the novelty of the whole experience that made it enjoyable. Had it been an unknown actor singing most of these songs with the same quality of voice, the special would have been a total flop. It isn’t until Cyrus comes out towards the end that the music quality really improves, but she’s one of only two (Phoenix performs an original piece) actual singers that are used in the film.

Overall, this Christmas special was a great way to get in the Christmas mood, but it’s not likely to become anyone’s holiday tradition. I’d suggest playing it in the background at your next Christmas party, but it’s not really a box of popcorn and coke kind of movie.


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