AThis baseball season is heading into the final weeks. Almost every day teams continue to break records with over 6,000 long balls leaving the yard. A good chunk of those can be attributed to the Baltimore Orioles, who allowed a whopping 305 home runs this season.

The Chicago Cubs were recently eliminated from the playoff race, ending their year with a dud as they lost many key games down the stretch and key players due to injury. As for the Milwaukee Brewers, the season seemed lost when star outfielder and MVP candidate Christian Yelich broke his shin on a foul ball. It came to a complete shock to everyone as the Brewers went 20 and 4 since losing their MVP. They even had the best earned run average in the month of September. Another team that clinched their spot would be the Minnesota Twins. They became the first team to hit 300 home runs this season. To top that off, they also were crowned their first divisional title since 2010 with a win over the Detroit Tigers.

The postseason is about to begin. Will dynasties like the Dodgers and Yankees get another World Series trophy, be cemented like the Astros or the Braves, or be some underdog team getting hot at just the right time? No matter what happens, this is unequivocally set up to be a great cap to an excellent season.

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