All ads due by midnight on the Friday prior to run date.

Advertising Manager: Madison Amerine (

All advertisers with The Stoutonia may be required to prepay for their advertisements.

The Stoutonia reserves the right to refuse any advertisement at its discretion. Justification does not have to be given if an advertisement is refused. Advertising considered fraudulent, misleading, offensive, or detrimental to the public or its advertisers will be refused.

The Stoutonia refuses to accept advertisements from companies offering the sale of research or term papers, as well as advertisements concerning the distribution of alcoholic beverages by unlicensed organizations.

The Stoutonia assumes no liability if, for any reason, it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement.

The Stoutonia will accept both political and editorial advertisements. Political advertising must be paid for in advance and must contain the words, Paid Political Announcement or Political Advertisement paid for by… The Stoutonia will not guarantee page position for any advertisement, but requests will be honored whenever possible.

The Stoutonia is not responsible for errors in advertisements taken by phone. If The Stoutonia is at fault for errors that made a difference in the content of an advertisement not taken by phone the advertiser may receive a discount on the ad in question. Discrepancies will be handled through the Advertising Manager and/or the Chief Financial Manager. Errors must be reported within two weeks after the advertisement was printed.

The Stoutonia will not be responsible for photographs or other materials which are left in The Stoutonia office for more than 10 days.

After use, The Stoutonia reserves the right to enlarge or reduce a client’s advertisement in order to improve the overall look of the paper, providing this does not detract from the appearance of the advertisement. Reduced sizes will be accompanied by a border to fulfill space requirements set by the advertiser. If The Stoutonia does enlarge an advertisement to enhance the appearance of the paper, the advertiser will not receive an additional charge for the new size of the advertisement.

Information regarding the size and price of ads can be found here.

If you are interested in purchasing an ad with the Stoutonia please contact our Advertising Manager, Madison Amerine (, and they will give you the appropriate forms.