Katie Schulzetenberg –

Even though she graduated in December with a major in psychology, Hannah Beeves is an artist. From clay sculptures to watercolor paint, she creates art through many mediums. Not only does she just make art, she has also been selling her unique pieces since 2016. She has opened an Etsy shop and sells her art at craft fairs since then.

“It took a while for something to ‘catch’ an audience. For a while, I made ‘plant people’ out of polymer clay and dried moss or flowers. They sold very quickly but took a lot of time to make,” said Beeves. It wasn’t until she began to make resin work when she started to sell more and grow her business and brand. “I try to push myself to learn how to use different mediums and push myself as an artist. I get inspiration from nature and spooky movies. While I can’t stand horror or being scared, I love the creativity of some of the characters,” said Beeves.

Some of her favorite items to create are ceramic sculptures, but what really brings her joy is her sketchbook. “I practice something called art journaling or visual journaling. It gives me a good outlet to express myself and keep my thoughts in order,” said Beeves. Beeves has also taught several courses around town at shelters and group homes about how to get started creating art.

Beeves is loving what she is doing, but she says that having her own small business brings stress. “Right now, I’m newly graduated and looking for other ways of putting my art out in the world. I am always open to suggestions.” She posts most of her art on Instagram and if someone is interested in it, they message her, and she sells it through that platform. “I am kind of taking a break from advertising and putting effort into making sales, so I can focus on the work itself,” said Beeves.

During her time at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Beeves minored in studio art and through those classes, she was introduced to new mediums. “The majority of my work is self-taught, but I really value the things I learned that I can implement into my current work,” said Beeves.

Beeves is planning on showcasing her art in the Twin Cities, although nothing is set in stone yet. Some of her new work will be on display at the Raw Deal for the month of March along with a couple of other artists.