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“Everybody’s got that one heartstring tie that they have to campus, and we hope, during the week of homecoming, that somehow we can pull at some of those memories,” said Campus Activities Coordinator, Emily Ascher.

The week is nearly upon us. Yes, Oct. 3 through 8 is homecoming, a time to break out the blue and bring in the spirit.

Homecoming is a time to celebrate the many traditions that University of WisconsinStout has to offer and this year’s theme marks the 125th anniversary of our school.

Homecoming is not simply a parade, a football game, a tailgate party, live music, a Blue Devil race and other activities. Homecoming is about returning to and recognizing the campus and the opportunities given to us as students, alumni and community members.

It is the spirit and pride that evokes a sense of home which is a feeling that everyone, should experience.

Homecoming is photographed Saturday, October 3, 2015. (UW-Stout photo by Brett T. Roseman)
Homecoming is photographed Saturday, October 3, 2015. (UW-Stout photo by Brett T. Roseman)

Everyone is trying to push the envelope this year. According to Asher, organizations such as Blue Devil Productions are eager “to start a new landmark of tradition,” with their approaches to this year’s theme.

With Harvey Hall reopening and Chancellor Bob Meyer’s spirited, 125th-year mindset, there is so much to celebrate.

“Homecoming is always an exciting time on campus,” said Chancellor Meyer. “Not only do we have the opportunity to demonstrate to our football team how proud we are of their determined efforts on the field, but it is also an opportunity to demonstrate how proud we are of this great university.”

With homecoming so early in the fall semester, it is a week easily overlooked. However, Chancellor Meyer’s excited attitude came with a spirit that provoked faculty and staff to up their game this year. Homecoming will be hard to miss.

Collaboration is everything. It is a major responsibility for committees, organizations and offices to create this week as something special. The work is in itself something to be proud of.

The definition of homecoming is “an instance of coming home.” This university is where we live. We are Blue Devils and we are Stout Proud.


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