On Thursday, February 17, Tedious & Brief performed at UW-Stout and Stoutonia got the opportunity to get the scoop on the band with Tedious & Brief’s lead singer Jamie Jacobsen. Jamie Jacobsen is 23 years old from the southside of Chicago who graduated from Loyola University College. Jacobsen moved to Nashville, and married her husband Parker right as the pandemic started. There in Nashville is where Tedious & Brief began. 

“My husband Parker who is the drummer in the band (Tedious & Brief) was super encouraging. I started music in church but varied away. When Parker and I moved to Nashville, I saw fellow musicians that were at the same level I was at the time and that gave me the courage,” said Jacobsen. 

Jacobsen developed her taste in music from her father. “My dad would play the Red-Hot Chili Peppers, but also French music, jazz music, and other music genres…” Jacobsen explained. Jacobsen further expounded upon the influence behind the band’s sound, “While our music is alt popish, my primarily influenced by what I have heard. I’m not a great musician, but I try to be a great lyricist.” Jacobsen then described her songwriting process. 

“There are two things that go into my songwriting process; an outburst of emotion and being influenced by other artists’ work. Sometimes when I see another artist’s work it inspires me to create something just as great. My writings come from looking back at my past and my present.” stated Jacobsen.

The Covid-19 Pandemic was rough for everyone, but especially performers and musical artists who make a living from performing in front of large crowds of people. “The first half of the pandemic, I was very self-reflective. It was my community that helped me turn that around,“ Jacobsen said. “We started doing shows again maybe 5 or 6 months into the pandemic. We’re actually starting to work on an album this year.” stated Jacobsen. As a fun tidbit, Jacobsen mentioned which songs are her favorites, “Wake up and Run is one that I like to perform. I also like Papercuts and Not Too Deep.” 

Learn more about Tedious & Brief by following them on Instagram @tediousand.brief, listen to them on Spotify or Apple Music at tedious & brief, and for tour information and merch check out their website https://www.tediousandbriefmusic.com/