Gunther Melander-

Let’s face it, this is a weird election year. The two main candidates for the presidency are the most polarized that we’ve seen in years, and almost no one is happy with either. On top of that, third party candidates are getting more attention now than they have since before we were born. Nobody knows what to make of a crazy senario like this. Thankfully, millennials have the power to determine the results of this bizarre situation. This election year marks the first in which millennials make up the largest voting bloc in the country. Never before have we had so much control over the future of our country; we just have to seize it.

Get out and vote. Even though you might not know the political landscape as well as you would like, you should still make your voice heard. By not voting, you are letting an amazing opportunity slip through your fingers that has not been given to our generation in our entire existence.

SSA Vice President Gunther Melander (left) and SSA President Laura Donovan (right) provide information about voter registration

What does it take to vote? First, you need to be registered. To register to vote, you need an ID and proof of residence. An ID can be your Stout card or any government-issued piece of identification. As for proof of residence, there are many options. The easiest for students would be printing your voter enrollment letter through Access Stout. However, you can also use an electric bill or lease from your apartment, or a letter sent from the government or university to your address. Registering beforehand will save you plenty of time on election day. When is election day, you may ask? The date is November 8. Show up to the polls with a valid ID, and you should be able to vote in no time at all, if you are registered.

Before going to the polls, be sure you investigate the candidates for the local elections. The importance of local elections is poorly covered. Most students do not know who the candidates are—don’t be that student. Read up and be prepared this election day. While this election might be bizarre, remember that you have the power to make a change.  

Below is the schedule for dates that Stout students will be tabling to register students to vote, and at which locations.

Wed, Oct 12th:     10am-2 pm         MSC

                             6pm-8pm           Price Commons


Thurs, Oct 13th:    11am-12pm        MSC

                             5pm-6:30 pm     North Point Dining


Fri, Oct 14th:         10am-2pm          MSC


Mon, Oct 17th:       10am-2pm         MSC

                              4:30pm-6pm      Price Commons


Tues, Oct 18th:      11am-12:30pm   MSC

                              4:30pm-6pm      Price Commons
Wed, Oct 19th:       10am-2pm         MSC