This has been a win-filled season for the University of Wisconsin-Stout Volleyball team, as they are 18-7 this season. While enjoying some success this season, they would come to play an unlikely foe for not only the team, but also for the coach.

Volleyball head coach Mandy Trautmann would play the University of Dallas. The reason why this was a significant matchup was one reason: Family rivalry; more specifically, Sister vs. Sister. 

This matchup would seem to be a big matchup not only within the team, but also for coach Trautmann. Trautmann and her older sister Kelli went from being typical volleyball players growing up to playing in college. Kelli would play at UW-Whitewater, and Mandy would play at UW-Oshkosh. The sisters would go on to coach NCAA Division III schools. Kelli, a third-year head coach at the University of Dallas and Mandy, started her second-year coaching at UW-Stout.

“Facing my sister was a pretty exciting moment in my life… never would I have thought that this would happen,’’ said Trautmann.

This showdown would bring not only a special meaning for the coach, but also for the players. “It did feel like we needed to win for our coach that time instead for each other. We were able to pull off the win, and we were all very excited to win because we knew we could and were capable.” said senior Kara Simonson. 

This time, the family collided in a matchup in which UW-Stout was victorious. 

“I always emphasize the importance of family in volleyball… UW Stout Volleyball is my volleyball family… now I [have] to compete against my sister’s volleyball family… does it get any better than that!?”