The 2020 Oscars have arrived and all the nominates have been listed. Many people have speculated over who or what will win the Oscar and so have a group of University of Wisconsin-Stout students.

Here are the results.

As we review the results, it looks like the main films that viewers should keep an eye out for are Joker, Once Upon a time in Hollywood, Little Women, and Marriage Story.  UW Stout student John Hoffland explained why he voted for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “I feel like period-pieces specifically in the comedy genre are dead for the moment. Tarantino demonstrates a rich example, which feels more personal and surprisingly heartwarming than most of his previous films.”

Best Actor in a Leading Role is split between Leonard DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix. UW Stout student Dayton Feldt stated why he voted for Leonard DiCaprio. “I voted for Leonardo DiCaprio because Rick Dalton (DiCaprio’s character) is such a polarizing character,” said DiCaprio. “He changes from a confident, cool performer to a bipolar drunk who can’t handle his growing mediocrity. Leo is equal parts hilarious and inspiring.”

The Best Actress in a Leading Role nomination could be awarded to anyone. Scarlett Johansson has a good shot at winning based on popular opinion. 

Best Actor in a Supporting Role is a huge toss-up between Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt. UW-Stout student Nick Franco mentioned, “I voted for Brad Pitt because Once Upon a time in Hollywood was the only movie I saw in theaters last year.”

Finally, Best Actress in a Supporting Role seems to be going to Laura Dern based on popular opinion. One UW Stout student declared, “I voted for Laura Dern because I was really invested with her character.” 

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