Josh Nehs

Spring has sprung at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Stout students take part in many different activities in the spring, so some were asked what they are doing with the season’s change.

Casey Busch, a senior majoring in business administration, said, “Now that spring is here, which is ironic with this snow, I will be working with a friend of mine that has a start-up business in Minnesota.” Busch will be starting a full-time position in June at the same company.

Along with work, Busch said, “[I] will be golfing a lot with my friends and fishing until that begins. I graduate in May and will have some family members come for that.”

Myla Johannsen, a business administration major, has started her summer job early over spring break at the Flamingo Motel and Suites in the Wisconsin Dells. “I am also working on my honor’s contract.”

Connor Woitte, a senior in the applied mathematics and computer science program said, “trying to find an internship for the summer. I also have final projects coming up that I’ve been procrastinating, but because of that, I don’t have many final tests over finals week.”

Matt Gunderson, a senior and psychology major, is the vice president of the PONG (People’s Organization of Network Gaming) student organization and is planning for the new swearing in of the new executive board. “We do a cookout with the new and old board members in the spring, so that’s going to be fun. I’ve been dealing with research projects too. One of my classes was cancelled six times because of the polar vortex, so we’re catching up now.”

David Berthelsen, a senior in the information communication technologies program said, “For the past month or so, I’ve been trying to wrap as many things up for graduation and post-graduation. Although with the recent increase in temperature, I’ve been trying to enjoy it by going to car shows, grilling, and hanging out with friends.” When speaking about the locations Berthelsen likes to visit when the weather is nice, he said, “The Red Cedar River is lovely this time of year, which is best enjoyed with the Red Cedar Trail and maybe a stop at Lucette’s on the way back.”

Berthelsen also spoke about looking for furniture, “There are also some great steals on furniture from other college students that are trying to get rid of stuff to move out, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open.”

The transition to spring can bring a variety of changes, as shown by these students. There are upcoming events happening on campus that students can take part in. The full list of campus activities is available on the UW-Stout master calendar found on the university’s website.