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In the final days of each spring semester, University of WisconsinStout senior art students are given the opportunity to display their creations in the senior art show.


“[The show] takes the students’ presentations to the next level. It also allows the students to expose their work to industry professionals,” said Jennifer Astwood, a professor in the design department.


Seniors are granted the freedom to explore any kind of project relative to their respective majors: Studio Art, Entertainment, Graphic, Game, Interior or Industrial design.

Gaelan Evans, a senior majoring in Industrial Design, is one of many students eager to present their projects. With an interest in snowboarding, Evans took inspiration from outside of his day-to-day life and applied his skills in design to create a unique snowboarding mask.


“It’s more aggressive and futuristic looking. Kind of like a fighter pilot mask,” noted Evans.


According to Evans, the possibilities for project ideas are endless: “Literally everything. Your pen, your shoe, your hat, your phone, your backpack, your water bottlethat’s all industrial design. When you pick it up and it does something, someone designed it to do that.” A unique design or twist on a pen or water bottle are just a few examples of what could be seen during the show. To see the full spectrum of what the UW–Stout senior design students are capable of, consider attending the exhibition.


The show will take place in the Applied Arts building on Friday, May 5 from 6 to 9 p.m.

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