Rachel Grace Kolias

By Lindsey Rothering —

At first glance, Rachel Grace Kolias strikes you as another predictable generic singer-songwriter type. You think, she probably does Taylor Swift covers and says she’s happiest singing for her church every Sunday. You would be wrong, and I consider her upcoming show at the Raw Deal on Friday, Oct. 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. a must-see for anyone wanting to pigeonhole her at first glance.

With a voice so distinct, even watching her live it’s hard to match the voice to the person and even harder to believe that such a mature-sounding voice is coming from a woman as young and vibrant as Kolias. Both her Bandcamp and YouTube videos of her feature several covers, none of which are Taylor Swift. It seems playing the guitar is the only thing the two have in common.

While the Raw Deal show will “feature mostly covers,” she says, she is working on a few original songs.  Recently returned from studying abroad may have inspired the change, as she explained, “I’m having more life experiences, and actually have things to write about that aren’t high school.”

It’s clear to see her influences and taste in music reflected in her songs, as her personal music taste and music style seem to overlap heavily. She quotes influences from Adele and Amy Winehouse, with her Facebook mentioning Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps among others.

In YouTube videos and Bandcamp tracks, Kolias often plays with Dan Fontana, a well-experienced singer and songwriter. The two voices mesh well, and while the videos feature both her talents of playing piano and guitar, the Raw Deal show will feature only her and a guitar. Since her music style already ignites the coffee shop atmosphere, it seems extra fitting for Kolias to perform at the organic restaurant and coffee shop. “I played there last year for their Earth Day celebration,” Kolias says, adding, “I love the place.”

Graduating early next December with a degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media, it’s clear Kolias has a solid vision of her future, and says she hopes to “get more into original music, hopefully more blues and jazz,” and do more collaborations with others. We’re looking forward to it.

For more information on Rachel Grace Kolias, you can find her on Facebook and at rachelgracekolias.bandcamp.com

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