Hannah Zastrow 

The 2022 track season has been nothing short of amazing for All-American track athlete Hannah Zastrow. Coming off a troubling offseason made up of a hamstring injury, a sprained ankle, and illness, Hannah still managed to break records, (including her own), earning her third All-American title. 

Major & Year

Hannah is currently a Sophomore at UW-Stout and is majoring in Packaging. 


Spencer, Wisconsin. 

Which track events are you in?

Hannah runs the 60 and 100 meter hurdles, currently holding the record for both events! Hannah also participates in High Jump. 

What records do you hold?

Hannah holds the 60 meter hurdle school record with a time of 8.61 seconds. The previous record was 8.99 seconds which she originally beat with a time of 8.95 seconds. She later broke her own record with a time of 8.61 seconds where the record still stands today. 

Hannah also holds the record for 100 meter hurdles. The previous record was 14.50 seconds. She has since broken the record multiple times, the fastest and record time being 14.23 seconds. 

What is your favorite track accomplishment? 

Achieving three All-American honors within her Freshman and Sophomore year. 

How long have you been running track? 

Hannah started running track in 6th grade! Coming up on 8 years. 

What is your favorite event?

100 meter hurdles. 

What is your race day routine? 

“I like to stay relaxed and even crack jokes on race day. I’m not one who gets really zoned in before competing, I try to stay relaxed. On race day I normally drink a Passion Fruit or Pomegranate Bubblr.” 

What is your favorite part of the track team? 

“I like being able to watch and cheer on my teammates competing in different events. Each event requires different skills and it’s so exciting watching them succeed in their events. I also enjoy the multitude of people I get to meet through track.” 

Favorite track memory? 

Breaking the 100 meter hurdle record.

“I thought it wasn’t a great run for me. It felt kinda like an off day, so I was surprised to find out I actually broke the record.”

Most embarrassing track story?

“Probably at UW-River Falls when I was winning the 60 meter hurdles race, but I stumbled on the second hurdle and couldn’t finish.”

Favorite food?

Chinese food.

Favorite TV show? 

Attack on Titan or Haikyuu. 

Hannah finished 2nd in the 100 meter hurdles at the 2022 Indoor Nationals meet. The race was decided by a mere tenth of a second as shown.