By Molly Schecklman —

Stout students BEWARE. Bad guys everywhere are plotting an event new to the University of Wisconsin–Stout scene that could send chills down your spine. What is it, you ask? The Raw Deal, that all of Menomonie knows as the coffee house on the corner, will be transformed into the Bad Guy Ball on October 23. As for the chills, well those may just be due to the cool autumn breeze that accompanies all things Halloween.

The idea to shake things up and send them more to the dark side with the Bad Guy Ball came about after realizing what a creative town Menomonie is. “Halloween only happens once a year, and with this event you’ll have more than one reason to wear a costume.” said Raw Deal Event Coordinator Amber Georgakopoulos. “This is an all ages event, so if beer and the bar scene isn’t your thing, we have coffee and juice and hot chocolate.  On the other hand, if beer is your thing, we have a gorgeous tap line-up, including our own beer brewed in house.”

“There aren’t many places in town to have a serious dance party, and everyone knows that’s a critical part of your college experience.” said Georgakopoulos. “It’s great to see the space in a new way. Have your favorite couch to do homework on pushed up against the wall to make room for dancing, different lighting, a kick-ass DJ, … It’s interesting to have a familiar place feel brand new again.”

She looks forward to not only seeing all of the creative villain costumes everyone comes up with, but also experiencing the dance moves that come with it. Can you imagine seeing The Joker doing the whip? Those alone are interesting enough, but if you combine them, well that is definitely something worth experiencing.

Every story has a bad guy whether it be political, historical, or entertainment related, and there are an endless number of villains to choose from.  Think of that one Halloween movie that always had you hiding under your blanket. Now dress up as a villain from that movie! Or the force of evil that was always trying to cause the demise of your favorite superhero. Be that for a night! The possibilities are endless!

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