Jasmine Baker-

Blue Devil Productions (BDP) kicked off their first Open Mic of the semester with a night of folk music, uproarious improv, cutting-edge comedy, authentic chiptune and quite a bit of ukulele action. Open Mic was hosted by BDP’s Executive Producer, Hannah Vogel, and BDP’s Comedy Director, Logan Bethke, on Thursday, Sept. 28 night at the Fireside Terrace.

Hannah Vogel has been involved with BDP for the past three years and has always found Open Mic a fascinating experiene for both newcomers and old hats. “Open Mic is chance for interaction and expresses that BDP events like this are welcoming to everyone. We give both students and outside artists an opportunity to express their talent,” Vogel said.

Although this is Vogel’s last Open Mic event before she graduates in December, she stressed how much she truly cares about the BDP community and how much the community has progressed. “I knew I would have to pass the torch on eventually, but I know that the support is there for transitioning members,” Vogel said.

Bethke expressed his excitement for participating in his first ever co-hosted BDP event. “There’s always something new brought to the table at Open Mic. People come and realize that there is so much support and entertainment here. Over time, people who perform grow more comfortable,” Bethke said.

Taasia Barfield, a student who is newer to the Open Mic experience, said, “You pour your whole heart out on stage in front of so many people, the only thing you can really do is just be true to your art.”

From crowd-produced improv sessions, original performed music pieces, unique acoustic covers, to even performing with your own beta music software live, there is plenty of space for students who would like to exhibit their talent. BDP Open Mic Nights are hosted on the third Thursday of every month at the MSC Terrace, with open sign up starting at 7 p.m.