By Matthew Gundrum —

The Raw Deal is home to Menomonie’s best raw/ vegan food. But, did you also know it offers some of the best art shows in town as well?

Nov. 8 marks the Art Open & WoodBLOCK Party. This event is a collaboration between The Raw Deal, University of Wisconsin–Stout Print Club and Drive by Press.

The gathering will primarily act as an art showing for the print club with members presenting different pieces that will be seen throughout the restaurant. To accompany the art, The Raw Deal will offer a live printing session hosted by Drive by Press.

Drive by Press is a collection of artists that specializes in traditional production techniques, typically on wearable mediums such as T-shirts.

“They’re basically about the process of the wood-block printing so you’re not just getting a mass produced T-shirt. You get a really cool T-shirt but you can be a part of the process too,” said Amber Gerogakopoulos, The Raw Deal events coordinator. “You can bring in or buy a T-shirt and you can choose where the print goes and you pick your design.”

Wood-block printing, a method of graphic printing that dates back to antiquity, is exactly what Drive by Press specializes in. “There’s a really big table and a roller and they have hand carved wood block prints and they can do prints on T-shirts” Georgakopoulos said, describing the process.

To give the event its own unique atmosphere, The Raw Deal will be featuring a local disc jockey. “His name is Jason McAtee,” said Georgakopoulos. “He’s new to town so he hasn’t played around a lot before and he was looking for some place and we were looking for someone who’d be a good fit for this event and we decided to give it a try.”

McAtee is unique for his classic take on being a DJ. He uses actual vinyl in his sets and employs techniques such as scratching. His work is sure to bring a retro feel to the event.

Get a T-shirt print, view some fantastic art and enjoy the good vibes! Stop by The Raw Deal on Saturday, Nov. 8 from 6 to 10 p.m.

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