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After a season of hard work, tough games, and a tough schedule, University of Wisconsin Stout football has started to wind down. However, with all the great plays this season, four Stout’s own students were selected to play in this year’s postseason events. Offensive lineman Caleb Adams and long snapper Clay Dziekan will be playing in the National Bowl in Daytona Beach, Florida. Defensive back Levi Wolf was selected to play in the Small College Showcase in Fort Worth, Texas. Place kicker Drew Pearson was selected to play in the FAF D3 Senior Bowl Classic in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“Being invited to the All-Star game is surreal,” said place kicker Drew Pearson. “I have been training and trying my very hardest over the last five years here at Stout in the efforts to make it to the next level, so it is something I aspired to get to do and seeing it come to fruition is what makes it even better.”

With all of Pearson’s hard work shining, this allows him to go places he has never been. This will be his first time making a trip to either of the Carolinas. Pearson has had lots of support in his five years of work, lots of it emanating from his friends and his family.

“My family and friends are a huge reason why I was able to accomplish what I have and keeping my spirits high attempting to continue playing,” he said. “My parents especially, considering they missed a total of like three games I had ever played and stuck with me through my ups and downs. I could not ask for anything more from them and am blessed to have them by my side.”

Pearson feels this has been a long time coming with all of his hard work getting represented. However, there are nerves involved.

“With the nerves [there] is excitement as well,” said Pearson. “I’m confident of my abilities and know that I need to make the best of it when I am there so the excitement is helping with the nerves.”


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