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Blue Devil Market quietly raises price of Triscuits to $20 just to see if anyone notices

According to sources close to staff members of the Memorial Student Center’s Blue Devil Market, the price of the snack cracker Triscuits has been raised exponentially out of sheer curiosity and boredom. They are now worth a whopping $20, and employees are waiting to see if any customers notice the new price or if anyone will even care at all.

When asked why the sudden price change occurred, shift supervisor Dan Gardner sighed deeply before giving an answer. “Well, there’s really not much going on here most of the time,” he said apathetically. “I guess you could call it an experiment, but honestly we just wanted to see how long it would take someone to notice, and then whether or not they would even ask about it.”

Gardner cites extremely low sales of Triscuits to be the leading reason for the price shift, along with not really giving a darn. The snack crackers have typically been left untouched on shelves, leading to a back room filled nearly to the ceiling with expired boxes. Employees have been slowly using up that surplus by setting boxes ablaze on the roof of the MSC for months, since feeding them to birds and squirrels on campus was not as productive as initially thought.

As far as the Blue Devil Market is concerned, the Triscuit experiment will continue as long as it has to. “We’re betting on how long it’ll go on, and I have fifty bucks riding on late October,” said one employee. Other employees have stated that if no one notices the new price by the end of the month, they’d add $5 every day until they either get fired or find another way to pass the time.

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