Ryan Cook-

Mere minutes after an accidental misclick caused Bob Meyer to accidentally hit the “Unfollow” button on Governor Scott Walker’s Twitter page, the Chancellor has been formally dismissed from his position at UW–Stout. Meyer had been following the Governor, who is known mostly for abstract interpretive art, dark poetry and makeup tutorials, since he started his YouTube channel in 2009 and has been a supportive fan ever since.

“Of everybody who follows Scott Walker on Twitter, [Bob Meyer] was hands down the most dedicated. He retweeted every meme and every selfie. Hell, their blogs are nearly identical.” says Twitter user dank_boy_420, a mutual follower of both the Governor and the former Chancellor. Others have spoken out in support of Meyer, claiming that Walker should have “…just waited to see what happened next. If he really wanted to unfollow Scott for good, he probably would’ve unfollowed him on Instagram and Tumblr as well.”

Rumors have been flying about who will eventually replace Bob Meyer, as well as questions of whether or not this is just a publicity stunt for Walker’s upcoming modern art gallery, titled “Everyone Leaves Me.” While we have yet to receive any comment from Walker on the matter, he recently tweeted several pictures of himself sitting alone on a park bench with smeared eyeliner and seven teardrop emojis.

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