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According to the 2010 census, Menomonie, WI is home to 16,264 residents. While this isn’t quite as big as our neighboring city of Eau Claire, it’s still big enough to have a demand for new businesses. The newest business to come to our small, midwestern college town is Einstein Bros Bagels and a joint Caribou coffee, which is located on the North side of town across from Taco John’s.

The building arrived in place of where Kmart used to be located until 2014. On November 2, Einstein Bros Bagels opened for business in Menomonie. Customers that arrived on the first day could receive a free bagel and “shmear,” aka cream cheese. Stout student Timmy Van Guney was one of the first to try the new shop.

“I got a french toast bagel with regular cream cheese, and I really liked it. There’s not really any other bakeries in Menomonie, so I think it’s a good addition. I just wish the space was bigger,” he said.

Another student, Olivia Will, visited the store the Saturday after it opened. She had been looking forward to the store’s opening for some time.

“The entire place was packed because of how popular this place is in other cities,” Will said. “My roommate had heard of it because there’s one in Madison where she’s from, so once we found out it was coming we were really excited.”

Einstein Bros Bagels offers breakfast options all day long, including unique bagels and “shmears” as well as egg sandwiches and other fresh bakery items.

“The bagels were really fresh because they make new ones every few hours, and there was a crazy variety with some really interesting flavors. I had one that had hash browns baked into the top of it. They also have really fun flavors of cream cheese to put on plain bagels,” Will said.

Olivia also said she believed it’s a great addition to the city because there isn’t any other place like it.

“They have their options available all day, which I love because I’m really into all-day breakfast,” she said. “And it’s really convenient that it’s combined with a Caribou coffee.”

Many students expressed confusion about the second Caribou coffee opening, as there is one already located in the strip mall next to the CEC Menomonie 7 Theatre. According to the Dunn County News, the new Caribou is owned by the same franchise owner as the other one, and both will remain open.

The general consensus for this new business is nothing but excitement. Students are excited for another location to get their favorite coffee beverages, as well as a tasty new breakfast spot.

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