Matthew Gundrum-

The Eau Claire news publication Leader-Telegram published a report on Friday morning that revealed 27-year-old Minnesota man Cullen M. Osburn was being charged in the death of University of Wisconsin–Stout student Hussain Saeed Alnahdi.

In addition to this revelation, the article delved into the official criminal complaint associated with the case. The complaint is comprised of eyewitness accounts and testimony detailing the events that took place outside of Topper’s Pizza on Main Street in Menomonie, Wisconsin on Oct. 30.

In order to assist those seeking quick information, each eyewitness and their respective accounts – including information given by Osburn himself – will be arranged here. The following information is according to Leader-Telegram’s reporting of the criminal complaint.


Mariah Hughes: Osburn’s Sister

Hughes was making a purchase in Topper’s Pizza when she heard an audible impact on the building’s window. She soon discovered that a conflict had transpired between Osburn and Alnahdi. Hughes was told by Osburn that his neck chain was grabbed by Alnahdi. Osburn also told her that he might have shoved Alnahdi back in retaliation.


Deonte Hughes: Osburn’s Brother

Hughes was inside Topper’s Pizza when he saw Osburn being grabbed by two male individuals. He then reported that Osburn was pushed by Alnahdi and another male individual. Alnahdi then tore the chain from Osburn’s neck and, consequently, Osburn began to throw punches toward Alnahdi.


William Hall: Osburn’s Friend

Hall was informed by Deonte Hughes that Osburn had delivered two, swift punches to Alnahdi’s face. Allegedly, Osburn fled the scene when Deonte Hughes pulled him off of Alnahdi.


Evan Walters: Alnahdi’s Friend

Walters informed police that he saw Alnahdi smoking a cigarette outside of the Topper’s Pizza building. Walters spoke to him, and the two were soon approached by a male individual who was yelling at Alnahdi. There was an apparent disagreement between Alnahdi and the male individual, and Walters was unsure of what had happened earlier to prompt the conflict. Although Walters did not see Alnahdi get hit, he did see Alnahdi collapse to the ground. He described blood coming from Alnahdi’s nose and mouth.


Nina Simonette: Passerby

When the altercation took place, Simonette was near the Topper’s Pizza building. She told police that she saw Alnahdi throw his hands in the air during a verbal altercation with a male individual. She believed the action was made to alleviate the tension of the situation. Tension only grew, however, when the two men began yelling. Simonette witnessed the male individual strike Alnahdi once and believed she saw him attempt another blow on Alnahdi.


Unnamed 17-year-old Male: Passerby

This individual, who did not give his name, told police that he stopped at Kwik Trip on 1213 S. Broadway St. after a party. He was then approached by an older male individual who said that he “had just punched somebody who was bleeding out.” The older male individual told the younger male individual that he needed to get on UW–Stout campus. The younger male was unsure of where campus was located. The older male responded with hostility.

“The man stated that he’d just have to (expletive) punch me too,” said the unnamed witness in a statement to police.

Police confirmed Osburn’s presence at the South Broadway Kwik Trip after confirming his identity on surveillance cameras and identifying a receipt he used from the purchase of cigarettes.


Cullen M. Osburn: Perpetrator

On Nov. 2, Osburn contacted the police in a state of fear. He said that we wished to cooperate, but required an attorney before speaking. He also added that his conflict with Alnahdi was not motivated by matters of race. The next day on Nov. 3 he made contact with police again. He claimed that he’d be willing to stay in contact through Nov. 4 to schedule an interview. However, this did not occur. According to police, Osburn’s number was disconnected when they tried to call him again after their initial exchanges over the phone.