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Suit-and-tie for the Ed Sullivan period and elaborate costumes for Sgt. Pepper.


However, the band has slowed down since their heyday. They’re down to playing around 50 days a year. But their passion for muWhat can be said about The Beatles at this point? Over a billion singles sold in the U.S., hundreds of weeks spent on Billboard charts, and countless hits have cemented their immortality in Rock ‘n’ Roll history.


This level of fame influenced an entire generation of musicians. Imitators arose as well and due to the Beatles massive popularity, they’ve found success


This is where Milwaukee’s, The Britins, come in.


“The band was considered strange with their long hair and clothes,” said Rick Bertoni, bassist and front-man of The Britins, “but a lot of us wanted to be like them.”


Bertoni started The Britins in 1976, after his love for The Beatles and knowledge of their music manifested itself into a desire to create a band dedicated to replicating them.


The band, which first found success in Milwaukee’s Southridge Mall in 1977, soon realized that their appeal was by no means limited. Every band member proceeded to quit their job and took on The Britins full time.


“We’ve done Summerfest, country fairs, and state fairs. We’ve been all around the country and have been in Mexico too,” said drummer, Jeff Gish.


At one point, the band was touring 300 days of the year.


“You meet a lot of great people, friends that would never have come across, also rubbing shoulders with big artists,” said rhythm guitarist, Mike Shumway.


The band’s popularity is reinforced by the fact that they are truly replicas of the original fab four. Their instruments are identical to what The Beatles used and the band even does costume changes in accordance with the era they’re playing.


sic and love for The Beatles provides a kind of satisfaction they can’t escape.
“Performing the music of The Beatles with The Britins is second to none,” said lead guitarist, Mike Truttschel. “When I see the smiles of the people in the audience at our performances I’m reminded of that positive, loving influence of the songs of The Beatles and how it’s affected my basic outlook on life.”

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