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For the last 38 years, UWStout has held the largest Career Conference in the Upper Midwest. For just two days, the multipurpose room in the Sports and Fitness center will be filled with just under 400 companies, all of them searching for Stout students to hire.

Anywhere from 800-1200 students will attend the event, and it’s because of these students that companies keep coming back.

Students of all years and majors are welcome to attend the conference. Each day is geared toward companies recruiting from specific majors, but students are encouraged to attend both days so they can make connections with companies they may not have thought of originally.

Bryan Barts, Director of Career Services, explained the importance of the event by saying, “Each student that comes to Stout has a different understanding of what options are out there. Some of our programs are very focused and direct. Others lend themselves to interpretation. We always encourage students to look where else their skills can apply.”


Career services, located in the administration building, assists students with resume building as well as a variety of other services


The event allows students to not only interview with potential employers, but to also make connections for future opportunities. Freshmen are able to learn more about the industry they’re going into and begin building a professional network.

In order for students to be ready for the event, Barts explained the importance of attending the Career Conference Prep week. During this week, students have the chance to attend a multitude of programs to prepare.

Some examples of Prep Week events include a number of seminars to learn the ins and outs of the Career Conference, as well as a “Resumania” event. At this event, students can bring in their resumes and sit down with a counselor to make improvements. They will also help students navigate the dilemma of receiving multiple offers from multiple companies.

All of the employers attending the conference will have either a co-op position or a paid position posted on CareerLink on the days prior to the conference.

“There are many new employers coming this year that haven’t been here before, which is a direct relationship to the strength of our programs at Stout. Employers are seeing [Stout students] as being more aligned with what their needs are,” Barts said.

The Career Conference will be held on October 11 and 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Sports and Fitness Center on the south end of campus.


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