By Barbara Young —

A few years ago, the Packaging Organization at University of Wisconsin–Stout fell into some trouble.

It was reported that a few members became intoxicated and acted out enough to anger workers at the hotel and drivers of the group’s bus during a group trip. A complaint was filed to the Stout Student Association, who, in turn, investigated the group.

After a serious investigation by the Organizational Affairs Conduct Oversight Committee, the organization was found guilty of breaking the student organization alcohol policy. The part of the policy that got the organization in trouble states, “Organizations hosting events, either officially or unofficially, where alcohol is present must have a licensed third party vendor.”

The group provided their own alcohol and thus were in opposition to the rules. Because of this, the organization was suspended.

However, a new packaging organization, set on becoming better and more useful to students in the Packaging major, was recently recognized by the SSA.

Packaging Association of UW–Stout came together through the work of three packaging majors, Julia Anastasi (senior), Jenna Coulson (junior) and Colin Drahos (junior).

“We are more education and career focused,” said Anastasi, president of the organization. “We really want to represent the school well and create something the students are proud of.”

The new association is comprised of an entirely different set of students than the original. The group intends to work hard at becoming a group that will help its members in their careers. The focus of the group is building a strong network with fellow students and packaging employers.

The group plans to host lectures and visit packaging firms and conferences. To be an active member of the group, students must attend seven meetings per semester and volunteer upwards of 10 hours. Those who complete these tasks will be in the final membership report that will be given to employers at the career conferences on campus.

A word of caution: the Packaging Organization learned the hard way what happens to those who aren’t willing to represent Stout in a positive light. The SSA looks very seriously into how organizations are representing the Stout community.

When the SSA recognizes an organization it means the SSA and the university itself supports everything about the group, including its actions and the way it is run.

In order for this to be a statement that means something to anyone looking in on Stout organizations, the SSA must hold groups to a certain standard.

These standards can be found in the Student Org Code of Conduct. This document outlines the expectations for all organizations on campus and can be found, along with many other documents aimed to inform groups on campus, on the SSA website,

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