DISCLAIMER: This article is Satire (not real/meant to be comical)

Hannah Lundquist

Menomonie is no stranger to student housing on and off campus. Last year, right in the heart of downtown, the 503 Broadway apartment complex was built. The building is brand new, and the main level has room for shops. Since it was built, they have remained empty to businesses.

That will all change coming soon. Developers have a plan to put in a new Chipotle and a new bar. If there is one thing Menomonie definitely needs more of, it’s bars.

The Chipotle is being put in due to the large volume of students that have been making this request over the past few years. Junior student in the Art Education program, Ellen Kurtz, says “I need more guacamole in my life!”

The Chipotle is set to start moving in by the end of April. Most students will be home for the summer before it opens. According to the managers of the Chipotle, they will be hiring as many students as they can and will use the off times for training.


Chipotle is hailed as being a college student favorite. It should come as no surprise that one is finally coming to town. The location right under 503 Broadway is a central location and should end up being a very popular spot for students.

So far there are no set plans for what new bar will be moving in or what its theme will be.

Right now, Menomonie has about fifteen bars, and while only a few are frequented by students, this new bar will be close to both ends of campus and should appeal to the masses.

Likewise, this new bar should be hiring a lot of Stout students for bartending, bouncer and serving jobs.

New businesses are a good way for students across campus to have new employment opportunities. It provides them with new choices, and the employers have a lot of options for employees.

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