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By Eric Koeppel —

Due to the continuing construction on Harvey Hall throughout next semester, classes will soon be held in even more ridiculous locations than they already are. In fact, students enrolling for the spring semester may have already noticed something a little strange in the details for some courses on Access Stout.

“I was trying to register for a biology class and noticed that under the ‘room’ section it literally just said ‘your dorm room,'” said sophomore, Jessie McSkittle.

McSkittle’s dorm room isn’t even the most bizarre location posing as a classroom next semester. For some classes, Access Stout lists locales as unusual as: “Fryklund Hall Room 501” (which is really just the roof of Fryklund), “inside the clock tower,” “Jarvis Hall utility closet” and “that weird pillow-filled cave under the stairs in the Memorial Student Center.”

These unusually-placed temporary classrooms will no doubt continue to negatively impact the learning process for many students and professors; however, the good news is that the Harvey Hall renovation is already expected to be complete by the year 2036.

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