Cam Parrucci-

Sophomore Mitch Bolton, an avid Old School Runescape player in every class he has ever enrolled in, is incredibly excited to be part of your group project. Bolton and yourself were both unfortunately numbered together in a sick and twisted game of chance helmed by the professor, with no hope of switching partners or working with your table.

Bolton has a history of winning these horrible games of chance, choosing seats never in the view of the professor’s wandering eyes.  His luck has given him full freedom to incessantly play the fantasy game that’s well over ten years old.

“Did you actually do the reading?” Bolton asked upon sitting down, laughing before clicking a few hundred more times on his laptop trackpad.  This was the first time Bolton’s voice had been heard in the class, as his head is normally buried in the school-supplied addiction-enabling laptop.

When asked about ideas for the project itself, he responded, “Yeah, I’ll do pretty much whatever you ask me to do for it. I haven’t gotten around to doing any of the readings for this class, though.”

While it is unclear how short the end of your stick is by being paired with Bolton, the takeaway from this dynamic pairing is clear; you’re going to have to do almost all of the work.

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