Ryan Cook-

Despite last semester’s classes all being over for quite some time, University of WisconsinStout professor Dr. John Klungo has sent over three emails to students from his fall classes asking about their missing assignments. The University of WisconsinStout campus is holding its collective breath to see if the students respond or not. Will they reply and sacrifice this upcoming weekend to re-do the forgotten assignment, or pretend the email was never received?

“You’ve got to consider the consequences of ignoring a professor’s direct email,” says professional slacker Chad Mundst. “Running into them around campus can be lethally awkward. But doing work for a class you already finished, and on a weekend no less? Makes me sick just thinking about it.” Mundst has allegedly avoided reading textbooks any for all his classes during his three years at UWStout. Stoutonia reached out to him for his professional opinion, as he offers seminars on how to perfectly give the least amount of effort and has been given the laziest student award two years in a row.

While many have been spellbound by how the students might respond to the infamous emails, there are also questions regarding the professor himself. Dr. John Klungo has been teaching in the UW System for over two decades and is known as a bit of a rebel. Never one to shy away from assigning multiple page-long papers throughout the semester, he is also known for emailing students every day before class starts to remind them about topics he later discusses at great length in person.

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