Cam “Anyway, Here’s Wonderwall” Parrucci

In a very strange turn of events, this group of college friends has found for drama and arguments to unfold between all of them. Whether it’s relationship woes, subtweeting, or random bouts of pettiness, this college group of junior has managed to maintain drama between them for years.

In a time in their lives when people are busy with being a full-time student, working part time jobs, being involved on campus, and finding time for themselves and for leisure, this group has also managed to find time to fight and argue about randomly petty things that no one else really cares about or understands.

“Whenever they’re around campus or at the bars, they always seem to have something new to argue and be mad at each other about,” says one patron. “They really know how to make the rest of the bar feel uncomfortable. When they’re not together, it’s even worse, you can overhear them talking about each other non-stop.”

In spite of how it may seem, the friends always seem to be around each other and having the best time, with the best Instagram photos and captions. It’s baffling as how to this group of friends manages to keep so close yet so far with their random petty fights and debates, but it’s endearing nonetheless.