Cam “Secure the Bag” Parrucci – 

Amidst the brutal deadlines, lack of sleep, and general stress, family members across the nation are happy to know that college has been going “good” for the past few years for their student kin.

Every year, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any celebration in between, family members await with bated breath to ask students how college is going, to which a resounding “Good!” follows.

College students live in turbulent times with bounds of stress, work, and responsibility laying over their heads on a nearly daily basis. Certain constants are ever-present in their lives, however, and that being the same explanation on how college is going year-in and year-out.

One student, Ricky Lee, comments on this tradition. “I always say things are good. Things are not good. I haven’t slept in DAYS, do you see these bags under my eyes?”

Other common holiday traditions include political banter that makes students uncomfortable, one uncle proceeding to rip on a student’s choice of degree, and being forced to sit at the kids table still despite being of legal drinking age and owning a car.

Thanksgiving Break still, however, remains a great few days for students to take a step back, relax, and eat their own weight in stuffing.