Cam “See Ya Never, Nerds!” Parrucci

As the final semester of their college years dawns upon UW-Stout’s seniors, many of them are readying up to complete their semester’s homework in the coming 5 days before graduation.

Not an uncommon occurrence at many universities nationwide, UW-Stout’s seniors are no different. Opting to spend their time on activies more important to them, such as spending time outside, playing video games, and getting ample amounts of sleep, the seniors around campus are ready to hunker down as finals week and commencement draws near.

Jackson Briggs, senior, was able to talk to Stoutonia about his final semester. “It’s crazy, really, how fast everything moves. I know I just got my textbooks last week, but it really feels like I just got them, like, last year dude,” he began. “And now I’m going to be graduating. With a degree! Once I finish all this homework, at least.”

“I’ve already got all of my excuses lined up. Sickness, work, school retreats, everything,” another senior had said. “I’ve got everything I need to knock this whole semester out in a week right out of the park.”

UW-Stout professors neglected to make a comment about it, but a resounding feeling of “eh, let them graduate” tends to float through the air.

Coffee shops are gearing up all around Menomonie to meet this incoming group of seniors ready to finish out their semesters strong, as well. “It’s always busy this time of year,” says one barista at Menomonie’s own Raw Deal, “But this semester, we’ve got our lightest roasts yet and a whole bunch of people on staff ready to tackle the incoming crowds.”

While the nature of why this happens to students around campus may never have a complete and final answer, the truth of the senior slide is that it happens everywhere, and seniors are just going to keep being seniors.