By Sam Lenhart —

It must be November again because student athletes at the University of Wisconsin–Stout are retiring their razors and growing a ‘stache to raise money in support of prostate cancer.

Starting Nov. 3, each sports team on campus will go head-to-head with each other in the Athletic Movember Facebook Contest, to raise money for issues concerning men’s health, such as prostate cancer. The guys on campus are not the only ones competing to raise money for Movember either.

“Every NCAA sport team at Stout is participating,” said senior and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President, Carl Bombardier.

This will include the brave women on campus who are not afraid to rock a little faux facial hair for a cause.

“I think it is important because even though we are a women’s team, we all still have dads, brothers, uncles, boyfriends or guy friends, and we want to bring awareness to health issues that affect men everywhere,” said women’s track team hurdler, Xanath Guzman.

“Every week pairs of two teams are going to be competing against each other in a bracket style contest,” said Bombardier. “There will be eight teams on one side of the bracket and eight teams on the other side.”

Each team will get creative and support the Movember event by taking a moustache themed photo. “Pictures of all the match-ups will be posted on the Stout Athletics Facebook page,” said Bombardier. “There, you can like your favorite photos as well as donate money.”

Every ‘Like’ a picture gets will be worth one point, and for every dollar donated, five points will be awarded to the team behind the donation. Don’t hesitate to share the photos either. Promoting your favorite team will support their chances of making it to the next round. At the end of each week, the teams with the most points will continue competing.

To support the cause and your favorite sports team on campus, visit the Stout Athletics Facebook page and like their photos or donate money for cancer research. All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

“It will be a great way to have fun while raising awareness and getting people involved for a good cause,” said Guzman.

Whether you grow your own moustache or support the growth of another, do what you can to get involved and show your support.


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