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Comic Creators, University of Wisconsin-Stout student org, was founded six years ago as a club people could join to share their talents and artistic abilities. This year, the club’s first comic exhibit was organized and took place in the Applied Arts student gallery in room 209.

Upon entering the room, students were greeted by a piece by Kaitlyn Bruder titled “In Spite Of It All.” The comic is read top to bottom and depicts a woman with long hair, symbolizing the cold autumn season changing the weather. The piece gave a melancholy feeling similar to the one the autumn season gives many people. The same emotion was carried throughout the rest of the exhibit and reflected the biting fall weather.

Dubbed “Out of the Box,” the exhibit showcased a variety of comics in different mediums. From traditional paneled comics to comics made digitally and projected on a wall, the exhibit had a lot to offer.

Senior Ike Huffel’s comic “Almond” was based off of a story he read on the internet with the same name. The comic’s style looks like it was inspired by a mess of old papers. “I wanted to mimic the feeling of doodles in old lab notebooks. I drew in the sticky notes to give the piece a sort of contrast. I got experimental with my style, but I wasn’t sure if it would be as effective as I’d like it. I’m proud of my work.”

Other eye-catching works showed off at the exhibit included those by senior Jake Huffcutt. Huffcutt’s comics were made digitally and projected on a white wall to imitate pieces of art on the wall. The projector switched between two of his pieces—neither possessing titles.

Out of the Box featured works from sixteen students as well as a number of books from alumni capstone projects. Comic Creators host events like this each year, so if you would like to showcase your art, look to join the club and share your creative voice.

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